While swimming and entertainment pools, sport and fitness centers, life clubs, SPA and wellness’s are getting more and more take place in our lives, SANTEK A.?. which is the leading name of indispensable swimming pools of the sports and wellness centers, sauna and steam baths, mystical adventure rooms, ornamental pools, hydro-massage pools, water attractions and aqua park slide systems, continues to its innovative efforts and activities with its expert staff.. It always provides proper solutions to increasing and differing expectations of pool users by giving priority to customer satisfaction. Pools that are available for more people today and taste of life, have been gaining value by having healthy and hygienic materials used in the construction. Pool lovers who want to protect their health by making sport, get more and more satisfaction from life, embellish their living areas, bring aesthetic to landscape of their immediate surroundings, deserve the best, in other words SANTEK A.?.’ s services. All the projects have been carried out so far; primarily being UHE and DIN norms, acting within the framework of TSE and F?NA International Swimming Federation Rules, SANTEK A.?. gained the reasonable thrust of customers. With the projects completed domestic and abroad for many years, SANTEK A.?. has given life to pools which are hygienic, healthy and pleasant. Pools, which save health and aesthetic, give quiet, present visual beauty and for many years raise quality of life, get the perfect level of quality with the experience of SANTEK A.?. Beyond simplicity as well as quality, aesthetic and unique pools presented to their customers with the experience of SANTEK A.?.

As SANTEK A.?. we want to indicate that we are always ready to provide service to maintain the privileged pleasure of being the owner of the pool for those who seek preferable and the better.


Çetin Emeç Bulvarı 1322. Cad. (6. Cad.)
66/1 Öveçler / Ankara / Turkey

Phone: +90 312 472 70 40 (5 Line)
Fax: +90 312 472 70 46

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